Midnight Sailboat – Digital Collage

Image Copyright @Dee Costa 2022

This evening I played around with digital collage on my iPad.

I started by making some painterly images in the ArtSet 4 app, then sending them to Procreate to cut, position and use as needed.

Once I have my main shapes cut out, I duplicate some and change their colours.

To finish – I add a few illustrative touches – the stars and some smaller shading details.

Let me know in the comments – if you’d like me to make a video or online course on digital collage, it’s a super satisfying and easy technique to execute once you know how.

Colour your way to a peaceful day!

Colouring in is so much more than just a kid’s activity, it’s accessible and scientifically proven to be beneficial to all ages!

No matter how bad your day may have been – taking some time for yourself can restore that magical mental “flow” state.

Most importantly, guiding you to remember that you’re only ever a few moments away from a calm and balanced state of mind.

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