Flora Freebie Printables Pack For New Subscribers

I’ve decided that instead of offering only one free printable, I’d create a themed pack that my readers & viewers can download, print and enjoy! Why have one freebie when you could walk away with 5? The more the merrier eh? 😜

So here’s a little sneak preview of what you get when you sign up to the mailing list (you can find the sign up form at the bottom of this post.)

A breakdown of the printables included:

1 x Floral Sticker Sheet with 8 cute floral images and 3 little ladybugs

1 x Page of Colour-Your-Own Bookmarks

1 x A4 Colouring Page

1 x To Do list called Today’s Tasks

PLUS I decided to add another little extra cuz…why not?! 😊

I†’s a fully illustrated desktop wallpaper to prettify your digital life

Right… and now that that’s all done, I’m off to start work on this week’s new video.

If you know me you’ll know I’m more than just a little obsessed with flowers and all things nature based, so I’ve decided to curate my knowledge on the topic of decorative DIY projects you can make with pressed flowers. 🌺  🌼  🌸 

If you’re subscribed to the YouTube Channel you’ll be the first to be notified once its up!

✧ Hope you have a great week, keep well and remember to be kind to yourself! ✧



As a thank you to all new subscribers, I’ve created the Flora Freebie Pack.

It includes 4 beautifully illustrated printables and a bonus wallpaper to pretty up your desktop!

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