Artist – Inspired by Nature
Ceramics, Playful creation, Expressive Art, Nature, Slow Living

I Think that I shall never see, a poem as lovely as a tree. – Joyce Kilmer

My pieces are a reflection of the things that bring me peace – the sea, the sky, the mountains, living creatures and beautiful treasures like stones, pebbles, shells, wood – all the free tactile toys that Mother Nature gave us to play with!

I adore the natural world – I don’t think I’ll ever tire of looking at an old oak tree, a bird in flight and the wider world around me. They bring me endless inspiration.

Most of my ceramic work is made using a beautiful white / buff and slightly speckled stoneware, which I glaze in hues of blue, green, browns, and cream colours.

I build every piece by hand and enjoy making decorative and sensory spoons, stones, necklace pendants, brooch pins and trinket bowls. Recently I’ve been exploring vessels such as pots, vases and mugs as a way to broaden my work to include more functional pieces.

I also believe in the therapeutic benefits of art and creativity, and plan to offer art for wellbeing workshops in future.

If you would like to feature my pieces in your gallery, stock my work in your store, or just find out more about my art practice, please get in touch through email at

In the mean time feel free to browse the gallery below, I update it regularly whenever a new series of work is released.




You can find my work at Primrose Gallery Thrapston during the month of September 2022. I’ll also be participating in the Central Exhibition. Visit the Open Studios website for more information.

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